Vitamin D is an important vitamin that is hard for humans to absorb; it is primarily made in the skin, when it is exposed to sunlight. As people have migrated towards more indoor activities, vitamin D must be obtained mainly from nutritional or supplemental sources.

Vitamin D supports calcium metabolism, and both of these nutrients are critical for bone health throughout life. Additionally, vitamin D has recently been shown to support heart and skin health; weight management; cell differentiation and wound healing/immunity; provide protection for a number of cancers; regulate insulin secretion; plus protect against arthritis symptoms, flu, cognitive decline, depression and menopause symptoms. In children, a severe vitamin D deficiency results in bone deformities known as rickets.

Fortunately, vitamins and minerals can be obtained through beverages and certain foods. A new product line, CapsuDar®D3 CWD, a clear, soluble vitamin D3 by LycoRed, dissolves in beverages instantly and stays stable across a wide range of pH levels. It is a microencapsulated, water-dispersible preparation that protects the normally fat-soluble vitamin against light, oxidation and acids. The CapsuDar line of products targets a wide variety of applications, such as dairy, juices, functional waters, baked goods and dietary supplements. It is stable in multiple nutrient blends, as well as at high temperatures and through extreme manufacturing processes, which can otherwise affect active ingredients.

LycoRed offers a wide range of vitamin D formulations, from powder (tablet grade) to cold-water dispersible applications to suspensions for food and

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