February 1, 2011/Prepared FoodsMagazine -- Cal-Sistentô, from ICL Performance Products LP, helps formulators to fortify beverages, dairy and confectionery foods with calcium--without altering the key characteristics of consumers' favorite foods and beverages. "Cal-Sistent's small particle size is ideal for products with a well-established taste or mouthfeel. We've developed a unique manufacturing process that ensures a consistent, small particle size that isn't easily detectable and does not affect the flavor," says Nadeen Myers, ICL Performance Products' MTS rep-food phosphate specialist. With a calcium content of 38%, Cal-Sistent delivers calcium-to-phosphorus ratios equivalent to those found in human bones. The calcium and phosphorus work synergistically to help prevent osteoporosis, a key health concern for many Americans, especially women. ICL Performance Products LP, 800-244-6169, www.icl-perfproductslp.com