The advantages of soy proteins are numerous and well-documented. Formulating with soy protein, however, has previously been limited to beverages with a pH higher than 4.5—the isoelectric point (the pH at which the total charge on the protein molecule is equivalent to zero) of soy proteins. The low solubility of traditional isolated soy protein below the isoelectric point requires the incorporation of stabilizers designed for low-pH beverages, as well as homogenization for maximum beverage stabilization. The limitations of traditional isolated soy protein make clarity and solubility a virtual impossibility in formulations with a pH below 4.0.  

soy protein

That is, until now. Imagine the ability to use soy in an entirely new range of beverages, and one can see why there is much excitement over a new isolated soy protein from Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM). The company recently unveiled CLARISOY, its unique, plant-based protein that offers clarity and complete protein nutrition. The first product to launch the CLARISOY line is CLARISOY 100—it is specifically designed for use in beverage applications with a pH below 4.0, such as sports/recovery drinks.

CLARISOY 100 is unlike anything on the market today, because it is 100% soluble in beverage applications with a pH below 4.0. It was specifically designed to enable beverage manufacturers to meet demands for great-tasting, nutritionally enhanced beverages targeted to health- and wellness-minded consumers. “ADM strives to bring innovative ingredients to our customers that reflect consumer demand, and CLARISOY 100 is another example of ADM working with our customers to bridge a gap in the food ingredient marketplace,” says Bruce Bennett, general manager, ADM Specialty Products—Oilseeds.

A naturally sourced, isolated soy protein, CLARISOY 100 has a neutral flavor and does not impact clarity. ADM’s line of CLARISOY isolated soy proteins is the only line of isolated soy proteins transparent in solution, says the company. Applications include sports nutrition beverages, citrus-based and fruit-flavored drinks, fruit juice blends, lemonades, powdered beverage mixes and fortified waters.

Visitors to ADM’s IFT booth in New Orleans last June sampled a refreshing orange-mango protein cooler that contained 6g protein from CLARISOY 100, 0g fat and 50% real juice, per 8oz serving.  Other beverages ADM has developed include a 100% “fruits of the forest” juice and a 5% fruit punch-flavored juice, both delivering 5g of protein from CLARISOY 100.

CLARISOY 100 is 100% soluble and transparent in beverage systems with a pH of less than 4.0, with pH 3.5-3.8 being optimal. The clean, bland flavor is another key attribute of CLARISOY 100. This means beverage manufacturers can comfortably formulate to an FDA “good” or “excellent” source of protein rating in qualifying, transparent, low-pH beverages. Shelflife of CLARISOY 100 is 18 months, with proper storage conditions.  “CLARISOY 100 meets the key requirements beverage manufactures are seeking: clean flavor, transparent, seamless functionality, plant-sourced and competitively priced.  ADM is excited to bring our newest protein ingredient to the industry,” says Bennett. 

The company has 20+ years experience manufacturing soy proteins and is continuously pursuing new ways to deliver solutions to customers’ needs and requests. Operating with strict adherence to food-quality and safety standards, ADM is a self-contained, full-line manufacturer of soy proteins, with soybeans originated directly from U.S. farmers to be refined in its own facilities into CLARISOY.

The closed system helps ensure a reliable and secure supply. ADM’s researchers and beverage scientists can help with all formulation needs--everything from technical support to selecting the right soy to refining a finished beverage. pf