The satiating element of fiber has led to its inclusion in a number of weight-management strategies and products, both in the U.S. and abroad. In Germany, for instance, Pronatura’s Inulin Fibre is a prebiotic designed to support weight control when consumed regularly. The company also produces an allergen-friendly version, Lactase-Enzyme Unbeschwerter Geniessen (Lactase-Enzyme Portion Sticks), free from gluten, lactose and sweeteners.  

Weight management is also at the core of Metagenics’ ProteinFusion Bar in South Africa, designed for increasing protein intake while limiting the amount of carbohydrates con-sumed. The manu-facturer notes the carbohydrates in the formulation are of a low-glucose variety and also are easier on digestion. It boasts 20g of protein, 1g of sugar, 8g of fiber and a number of vitamins and minerals.  


Healthy digestion is at the heart of a New Zealand product for infants under the Heinz Nature Gold + brand. Digesti Plus is described as a unique blend of pro- and prebiotics to support healthy digestion and is found in the Premium Infant Formula from Six Months and Premium Infant Formula from 12 Months varieties. Digesti Plus also includes elements essential for eye and brain development, the company says.  p