In recent years, teas have migrated from their traditional format, as hot or cold beverages, to be included as an ingredient in a variety of food products. Sweet foods, specifically, serve as a natural extension for tea-based ingredients, as consumers long have preferred their tea sweet by adding cream, honey, substitute sweeteners or sugar. Also, they are more often open to trying non-traditional ingredients in the sweets category. In Russia, Chocolate Meets Tea has launched Earl Grey Crisps. The indulgent chocolate brand markets the sweet treat on front-of-pack by claiming, “The finest bitter chocolate composed with Earl Grey Crisps is ideally married to tea with citrus aromas, as well as fragrant tea specialties, like orange blossom oolong or other strong tea blends.” The pairing together of chocolate and tea is still fairly uncommon. The brand also offers a Luxury Belgian Chocolate containing white and green teas; an Assam tea ganache composition, with 33% Assam tea filling, is also available.

In France, Savor & Sens has launched a range of premium oils with organic essential oils, developed with the objective of being a traditional line of products that can be used daily, but which also bring new flavors and originality to cooking. The oils not only provide delicate flavors, but also aim to deliver health benefits to consumers through a formulation naturally rich in omega-3, -6 and -9, vitamin E and phytosterols. The Savor & Sens Draining Oil variety contains a blend of olive oil, rapeseed oil, camelina oil with lemon, lovage, grapefruit essential oils and fenugreek seeds. The organic product is said to help eliminate fat and stimulate the hepatic system. Packaged in a glass spray bottle for ease of use, the product is said to be ideal for salads, pasta salads and white meat.

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