July 24/London/World Cancer Research Fund -- Breads and breakfast cereals might sound quite healthy to eat in breakfast, but one institution says these have such high contents of salt that, at one point of time, these can result into the developing stomach cancer.

In a recent study, it has been found that by eating excess of salty foods, not only the risk to high blood pressure, heart diseases and strokes increases, but there are higher chances of getting attacked by a cancer also.

According to WCRF, World Cancer Research Fund, a U.K. charity, the best way to prevent cancer is to follow a low-salt diet, a regular exercise regime and strict weight-maintaining initiatives.

For this, it is also crucial that food manufacturers clearly label the content of salt over their packaging.

The recommended daily limit of salt is 6g, about a leveled teaspoonful; consumers are eating 8.6g a day on average.