July 24/Tampa -- Complex Beverage LLC launched Lettuce Tea brand products. The beverage features the lettuce extract ingredient praised by some health professionals as the latest initiative providing extensive nutritional and healthy benefits to consumers.

According to the company, the Lettuce Tea brand is an outside-of-the-box approach to the conventional vitamin enhanced beverages. It claims the product is the only all-natural, low-sugar, low-calorie functional tea beverage endowed with lettuce extract attributes and vitamins, and brewed with the finest green and black tea components.

This concept initiates lettuce into a marketable and viable tea infused with minerals, vitamin fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Being GMO-free, it contains natural colors, flavors, and no preservatives.

Lettuce extract has been highlighted by prominent health professionals such as Dr. Oz and the American Cancer Research Center as having possible dietary health benefits. In addition, significant independent studies and continuing research also suggest that the Indole-3-Carbinol, found in the lettuce family of these vegetables, is a naturally milky cruciferous that might be substantially suitable in metabolism reinforcement and in immune system strength. It might also help in the weight fighting efforts against obesity, which has become the nations most pressing concern.

"We are currently fielding the market knowing that, in reality, we have a small brand with strong potential, and heavy expectation for success," said Eddy Antoine, president of Complex Beverage. "We are excited and optimistic to introduce this product on the market, and look forward to an enthusiastic consumer reaction."

The new tea is available in three flavors: Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana, and Exotic Apricot, all fortified with the lettuce extract and sweetened with natural cane sugar. Each serving contains 50 calories.