RIBUS uses rice bran and hulls from U.S. farms to make a variety of ingredients that serve many functions. The company’s Nu-RICE, Nu-BAKE, Nu-FLOW and Nu-FLAC rice extracts and rice concentrates help emulsify (bind oil and water); carry flavors; help dry ingredients flow freely; and increase output of extruded cereals, snacks and pasta. These ingredients help processors achieve clean labels, as well as assist in processing efficiency, output increases, reduced breakage and added yields. Says president Steve Peirce, “Using RIBUS’ ingredients, processors and brands can maintain the same ingredient functionality, but remove words such as silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate and sodium stearoyl lactylate from the product ingredient label, [while meeting] organic standards and negat[ing] the need for allergy declarations.” – RIBUS Inc.,www.ribus.com