September 13/Chicago -- Flirt Energy Drink, the functional beverage created by women for women, has been reformulated and is being rolled out in a redesigned can.

Flirt was specifically developed to provide women with a healthier alternative to standard energy drinks. It features zero calories, zero carbs and no sugar or preservatives. Its unique Green Tea-based formula has been enhanced, increasing the vitamin content and boosting the Ginseng and Ginkgo levels. These enrichments strengthen Flirt's ability to deliver effective energy while at the same time providing considerable nutritional value with a proven essential eight B-vitamin complex, Vitamin C, amino acids, Folic Acid, and Hoodia to help burn calories and provide women extra nutrition throughout the day.

"Flirt is far superior to typical products in the isotonic category in that it delivers the perfect punch of an energy drink but without the negative side effects of harsh stimulants," said Heather Pingrey, CEO, Goddess Energy Inc. "Flirt goes beyond being an effective and needed energy drink for females; it embodies the concept of empowering women. Through our partnership with Rexam, we are able to bring it to market in a great-looking package that will attract everyone's attention."

Flirt recently revamped its look by enhancing the graphics for a more vibrant retail presentation.

Flirt Energy Drink is currently available at select retailers across the East coast.