October 15/New York/Marketwire -- Whittard of Chelsea, the English tea and coffee shop, has been a recent and welcome addition to the food and drink scene here in the States. The chain specializes in interesting and unique blends of tea, coffee and hot chocolate as well as traditional china sets, brewing equipment and other related products. For most of the year, the best-selling products are those that are quirky and original. In keeping with this trend, Whittard has released two new flavors to keep consumers warm this fall:

Lime and Chilli Hot Chocolate: A blend of tangy citrus and mild chilli heat as well as the recognizable creamy richness of the Whittard hot chocolate.

Creme Brulee White Hot Chocolate: This warming beverage was inspired by the highly-popular classic French desert. Its frothy, creamy texture is infused with a combination of vanilla and caramel tones, held together by the overarching familiar sweetness of classic white chocolate.