LesserEvil Chia Crisps in-body

November 21/Wilton, Conn. -- LesserEvil Brand Snack Company has unveiled new lines of all-natural, nutritious Chia snacks. The crisps are available in four distinctive flavors including: Southern Barbeque, Feta and Black Olive, Crunchy Dill Pickle and Jalapeno White Cheddar. A popcorn line will follow with Aged White Cheddar, Kissed by Butter, Chilli Pepper and Garlic and Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. These two lines, the company contends, show a radically different approach to snacking from their existing all natural, better for you lines of Kettle Corn and Krinkle Sticks. LesserEvil has shown a commitment to create a new category of snacks that bring actual health benefits to the chip aisle.

Made with all-natural ingredients and nothing artificial, LesserEvil Chia Crisps offer a healthy alternative to traditional potato or rice-based snack foods without compromising on the flavor. High in both fiber and protein, LesserEvil Chia Crisps are made with black bean and milled with Salba Chia, a chia seed grown with selective breeding, which yield nutrient-dense seeds. Salba Chia seeds are a rich source of Omega 3, rich in fiber, minerals, Vitamin C and antioxidants, offering beneficial nutrition for health conscious consumers.

The Chia Pop line will offer the rich antioxidant properties of popcorn hull while adding Chia seeds that are a rich source of omega-3, rich in fiber, minerals, vitamin C and antioxidants, also offering beneficial nutrition for health conscious consumers.

“Chia is gaining a lot of recognition for it’s nutritional profile, so we are excited to bring our loyal snackers, and those that haven’t discovered Chia a great new snack option that is delicious and good for them,” commented Charles Coristine, president and CEO of LesserEvil, “As a brand we are taking the battle to continue to fight bad snacking with goodness to a whole new level.”

LesserEvil has also announced a new initiative called "Empty Calorie Free" or "ECFree," which is furthering its commitment to fighting unhealthy lifestyle decisions. Both http://www.emptycaloriefree.com as well as http://www.lesserevillife.com will be free resources dedicated to any individual interested in learning more about healthier lifestyle options.