10 Line

December 20/Dallas/Dallas News -- Dr Pepper Snapple Group in January will add 10-calorie versions of five of its most popular soda brands.

The move follows the successful launch of Dr Pepper Ten, but also pulls the nation’s third-largest soft drink maker deeper into waters that have been choppy for competitors.

New to the “Ten” lineup will be 7Up Ten, A&W Ten, Sunkist Ten, Canada Dry Ten and RC (cola) Ten.

The sodas use a blend of caloric and non-caloric sweeteners to deliver 10 calories per 12oz. serving.

Dr Pepper Snapple is taking pains not to market the drinks as “mid-calorie” offerings, a category in which some past prospects have fallen flat. PepsiCo trotted out Pepsi Edge in 2004, flavored with Splenda, and Coca-Cola Co. launched C2. Both failed to find a wide audience.

Dr Pepper Snapple is targeting consumers 25-39 who have cut back on soda consumption to cut calories.

The products were tested throughout 2012 in several markets and have received a strong response, according to the soft drink maker.