Traina Sun-dried Tomato ketchup in body

January 22/San Francisco -- Traina Foods unveiled what it claims is the world's first California sun-dried tomato ketchup.

From traditional ketchup vehicles like hamburgers and French fries to more novel consumption ideas like marinades and sauces, Traina Foods believes its California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup could be a pantry staple. Traina's process begins on the family-owned and operated farm, where extra care is taken to cultivate ripe, California sun-dried Roma tomatoes that go into every bottle of ketchup. The slow, sun-drying process removes water from the tomatoes and locks in their nutrients and flavor.  The intensely flavored tomatoes become the basis of the gourmet blend that combines the old-world tradition of sun drying with a classic ketchup recipe.

This better bottle of savory, rich ketchup also contains higher concentrations of healthy lycopene, is loaded with vitamins A, B and C, has less sugar and salt than other varieties, and is gluten free.

"Our California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup truly celebrates the tomato," said Willie Traina, CEO of Traina Foods. "Using the sun dry process, we are able to pack four pounds of fresh tomatoes into each flavor-full bottle of our ketchup. Tomato fans as well as those crazy for the condiment -- and even some skeptics -- will agree that our ketchup is a delicious complement to many of your favorite foods."