HHice CreamNEWtritious says its new HHice Cream Probiotic Defense is the “healthy hospital” fortified soft-serve that can provide supplementation to patients who have trouble chewing or swallowing, due to advanced age, surgery or chemotherapy. In addition to vitamins and minerals, a 3.5oz serving of HHice Cream contains half a billion CFUs (colony forming units) of a proprietary strain of GanedenBC30, the Bacillus coagulans probiotic clinically shown to naturally survive the harsh environment of the gastric tract to support the immune system and promote digestive health. NEWtritious says HHice Cream Probiotic Defense is available in three base flavors: Tart, Vanilla and 3 D Chocolate (Deep Dark Dutch), and it is available with syrups to create other flavor varieties. Officials note the product contains no artificial flavors or colors, and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.