Going Global Feb 2013In Germany, Heinz has taken a cue from the limited-edition phenomenon that seems to be pervading the food industry stateside. For a brief time, German consumers can try Heinz May mit einem Hauch von Chili  (mayonnaise with a hint of chili), Mayo mit geröstetem Knoblauch (roasted garlic mayonnaise) and Mayo mit karamellisierte Zwiebel (mayonnaise with caramelized onion), as well as an HP Guinness sauce, a blend of the company’s HP brown sauce and the “very British” Guinness.

A Horizons Menurama report analyzing the UK’s top 115 multiple and branded chain foodservice operators and independents finds sauces in the country’s restaurants are increasingly diversifying. American, Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian sauces all factor strongly in new menu items. Sweet chili and peri peri are on more casual-dining menus than ever; the former is on everything from stir-fry to sandwiches, while the latter has appeared on chicken dishes (wings and roasted) in several menus.

Mexican flavors have likewise risen in popularity in the UK, with Mars Foodservice’s ready-to-use Mexican Salsa, Chilli Con Carne, Hickory BBQ and Texan BBQ all available and used straight from the jar, hot or cold, as a finished sauce or as a base for more complex sauces.

The UK has also seen allergen-conscious company Free & Easy unveil a range of sauces, curry pastes, gravies, soups, ready meals and soft drinks. All are free from wheat, gluten and dairy, as well as other allergens (nuts, celery and mustard among them).