angel hair pastaA brand of konjac pasta popular in Australia is making its way to the UK for the first time. Slendier promises just eight calories per 100g of the pasta made from konjac, a vegetable that is a dietary staple in many Asian countries. The new pasta is expected on UK shelves in late September.

diva popcornAlready appearing on UK shelves is Diva Popcorn; made from 100% whole grains, it is free of gluten and high in fiber. Each of the 23g packages has roughly 100 calories and 0.4g of saturated fat.

 A beverage in Europe is making its way to the States. Kwass’Up is a malted, non-alcoholic beverage made with only natural flavors and promises less sugar and calories than traditional sodas and sports drinks. Setting the beverage apart is its kvass base. Kvass is enjoyed in Russia and Eastern kwass'up energy drinkEurope, where it has been a tonic, digestive aid and natural energy drink for centuries. Kwass’Up is man-ufactured via a traditional malting process, beginning with such whole grains as rye and barley, and can be found in such flavors as ginger and cranberry. In the U.S., it is the first product launch for Pure Ally, a Florida-based beverage company. The company notes the target audience is “active individuals who are looking for a better soft drink choice…a market that craves natural, low-sugar energy re-invigoration without sacrificing soft drink taste.”