John Wayne Rubs

March 13/Athens, Ga. -- Just in time for spring grilling, John Wayne Enterprises, a company that engages in strategic partnerships that associate John Wayne with quality and timeless products, and Fire & Flavor, a leading producer of innovative at-home cooking products, are rolling out a line of all-natural spice rubs. Beginning April 1, this collaboration is bringing forth a new collection of John Wayne Stock & Supply seasonings.

“Dinner was something that our family always shared together, and mealtimes were happy and enjoyable times for my dad because he could take a break and relax with friends and family,” says Ethan Wayne, John Wayne’s son and president of John Wayne Enterprises. “Food was important to my dad because a lot happens around the table, and that’s why we think this partnership with Fire & Flavor is a really appropriate endeavor. Plus, he loved a good steak!”

John Wayne spice rubs offer consumers an all-natural way to achieve authentic flavor when cooking outdoors or inside the home kitchen. John Wayne seasonings are made in the U.S. and are crafted for cooking any kind of barbeque from beef and pork to poultry and seafood.

“Our rubs are all-natural, gluten free and kosher, and will enhance the flavor of any meat without overpowering it, staying true to the all-American outdoor grilling experience,” says Davis Knox, president of Fire & Flavor.

The four new rub offerings include the following:

  • Beef spice rub made with espresso, cocoa and chilies
  • Pork spice rub made with paprika, garlic and guajillo chili
  • Chicken spice rub made with cumin, curry and chilies
  • Bar-B-Q spice rub made with ancho chile, garlic and oregano

“Although these rubs are designed to work best on certain meats, they can also complement other types of proteins for a variety of uses,” says Knox. “For example, our beef spice rub is also great on pork, and our pork spice rub works nicely on chicken and seafood.”

Fire & Flavor suggests consumers brush meat/poultry/seafood with olive oil and then season generously with their desired rub before allowing the meat to rest in the refrigerator for one hour or overnight, so the flavors can permeate the protein. For seafood, consumers should apply the seasoning 15 minutes prior to cooking. The meat/poultry/seafood is then ready to grill, roast or smoke to the home cook’s liking.

“My dad loved meat -- typically a New York strip or a ribeye -- and it was almost always grilled, whether he was at home, on set or on the boat,” recalls Wayne. “I think he’d be proud to help fellow grill masters get the best flavor out of their meats with these new spice rubs.”

Retailing for $5.99-6.99 per 2.3oz. jar, John Wayne Stock & Supply Seasonings will be available for purchase on and select retails stores across the country.