Paul Wayne, a producer of gourmet foods, launched a new website aimed at being a one-stop destination for food lovers. The site offers both sweet and savory food selections all designed to tease palates. Currently, several baked goods, like cookies and fudge along with some specialty items, such as Rosemary Cashew Snack Mix, are available. In the future, there will be prepared meals available.

Chef and Owner, Paul Strabley, produces all food at the Lakeview Kitchen & Market located in Chicago's Lakeview East neighborhood. This location used to be the old House of Fine Chocolates and is now a licensed commercial kitchen used by several food businesses in the preparation and packaging of foods. The retail store in the front is great for local foodies to stop in and pick up their fix of Paul Wayne.

"To me that perfect bite is all about the texture, color, flavor and ingredients all coming together in just the right way so that each element is experienced at its finest, yet all in one bite," says Strabley.

Much time has been spent on creating the right flavors, colors and textures for each menu item.

"It's not about having unlimited items available just to have something to sell, it's making sure each item offered is as perfect in every aspect as it can be," says Strabley. The signature Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, for example, was three years in the making. "I don't want you to be just ok with it, I want to excite your passion for it."

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