Edlong Dairy Flavors offers two new functional dairy flavors that are especially useful in the better-for-you category when reducing fat and sugar. To add back the perception of fattiness in reduced-fat foods, the company created Natural & Artificial Mouthfeel Flavor #1412189. This spray-dried powder is water-soluble, oil-dispersible and non-dairy kosher pareve-certified. It adds desired creamy, fatty, butter, cooked and rich notes. It is proven to perform in high-heat applications, such as bakery, in addition to beverages, sauces, yogurt, cheese and sour cream analog products. Natural Potentiator Flavor #1412073 adds a perception of sweetness to reduced-sugar foods and beverages. This non-dairy, non-GMO liquid flavor also is kosher pareve-certified, Whole Foods-compliant, and is an affordable choice for beverages, yogurts and sauces. Profile descriptors include creamy, dairy, green, milk, brown, sweet and caramel.