flax, flax seedsAfter more than a year in development, Grain Millers introduces SafeFlax, a new line of flax seed products. All SafeFlax products undergo a proprietary heat-stabilization and pasteurization treatment developed by Grain Millers. The process mitigates the risk of contamination, while it minimizes stress on the flax product, a seed notoriously difficult to process. “The SafeFlax process allows us to optimize the processing parameters for different products,” says Linda Pizzey, director of technical sales. “Without this feature, you might eliminate pathogens, but you won’t adequately maintain the stability of the natural lipids and other nutritional and functional components in flax.” The SafeFlax line includes SafeBake and SafeBev, solutions that have been designed for the baking, cereal and beverage markets. SafeFlax products also will be used in a variety of Grain Millers’ mixes.
–Grain Millers Inc., www.grainmillers.com