May 22/Sarasota, Fla./PRWEB -- Boar’s Head Brand partnered with Serious Eats website to survey how and why Americans choose their food. The results were clear: trust is not only a huge factor in the health of the relationships people have with each other, but also plays a significant role in food choices.

While PB&J may seem as patriotic as apple pie, Americans put their trust in turkey (44%) as their go-to sandwich over PB&J (7%). Bag lunches are easy on the budget, but what matters most to parents is what their kids are eating at school: 62% of parents pack their kids’ lunches to ensure they have healthy options. Some 48% do not trust the quality of what they would get at school.

“When it comes to food, today’s consumers are smarter and more educated than ever, and trust is an emotional component to decision-making that can’t be denied,” said RuthAnn LaMore, director of Communications for Boar’s Head Brand. “Trust is also the core of the Boar’s Head Brand. For over 100 years, Boar’s Head has been doing things our own way, without cutting corners or compromising on quality. The survey affirmed for us that quality, and having faith in that quality, is more important than ever.”

“When Boar’s Head came to us to do this survey, we recognized an opportunity to better understand the motivations our readers have in making their decisions, every day, morning, noon and night,” said Jamie Feldmar, national managing editor for Serious Eats.

Some key findings:
Americans Trust Themselves, and Friends, Above All
BFFs (Best For Foodies) - When it comes to trusted food recommendations, friends (74%) trump family (68.5%).
Cannot beat quality - Nearly 42% of respondents say they do not trust brands that do not have quality products.
No compromises here - When it comes to food, most respondents are not willing to compromise on foods that have fillers and additives (60.6%) or foods that do not offer any nutritional value (53.3%).

Healthy, Happy Families Want to Know What Their Kids Are Eating
Parents want to be in control - Top two reasons parents pack their kids’ lunches:

  • To ensure they have a healthy lunch (62%).
  • They trust what they pack more than what their child may get at school (48%).

Quality and nutrition are key
The top things people look for when purchasing food for their families are quality (94%) and nutrition (84%).
Quality (96%) and nutrition (80%) were the top considerations for people purchasing food for themselves as well.

New Comfort Food: Turkey Sandwiches Picked as Go-To Over Peanut Butter & Jelly
Trust = Turkey - When asked what sandwich they trusted most/go-to sandwich, 44% of respondents named turkey as number one. Ham was a distant second at 20%. Surprisingly, despite its iconic status, PB&J was hardly even in the race, with only 7% of respondents naming it as their trusted most/go-to sandwich.
Topping the toppings list - Lettuce (83.2%), tomato (71.7%), and mustard (65.7%) top the toppings list.
Put some crunch in your lunch - Surprisingly, rather than eating them on the side, 14% of respondents say they put chips on their sandwiches.