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June 25/New Berlin, N.Y. -- Chobani is launching 14 new flavors. Designed to provide fans with more options for enjoying authentic strained Greek Yogurt, the new flavors were developed based on a combination of fan requests and an exploration of new exotic ingredients. New flavors are appearing across the portfolio, including 6oz. cups of Chobani Greek Yogurt, Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt, Chobani Bite Greek Yogurt and Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt Tubes and Cups.

"Our new products are designed to surprise and delight consumers – welcoming some to Greek Yogurt for the first time through a familiar format like our blended yogurt, challenging the taste buds of others with exotic and trending ingredients like chia seeds and ginger, and servicing new occasions like snacking and mindful treats in order to help expand the category," said John Heath, senior vice president of innovation at Chobani. "We know that the yogurt market in America is just beginning; European consumers eat up to seven and a half times more yogurt per capita. So this launch, and every launch, for Chobani is about giving people new and exciting ways of experiencing our Greek Yogurt."

Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt– A pairing of authentic strained Greek Yogurt complemented by mix-ins, the newest flavors of Chobani Flip are inspired directly from the unique yogurt creations served at Chobani SoHo, the brand's retail store in New York City. Using ingredients such as chia seeds, hemp seeds and pistachios, the four new varieties push the boundaries of yogurt.

Blueberry Power – Blueberry non-fat Greek Yogurt with chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts (a combination inspired by Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya's daily breakfast)
Nutty for Nana – Banana low-fat Greek Yogurt with honey roasted salted almonds and dark chocolate
Peachy Pistachio – Peach low-fat Greek Yogurt with pistachio and dark chocolate
Tropical Escape – Pineapple coconut low-fat Greek Yogurt with toasted coconut, hazelnut and granola
Chobani Bite Greek Yogurt – Two new crave-worthy flavors turn snacking into a mindful indulgence. Featuring elevated flavor combinations of Honey with Ginger and Mint with Dark Chocolate Chips, each convenient 3.5oz. cup of Chobani Bite contains 100 calories and 8g of protein.

Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt are made with only natural ingredients and real fruit, while offering a good source of Vitamin D and protein.

The new Chobani Champions Flyin' Dragon Fruit Greek Yogurt Tubes are a grab-and-go way to feed the imagination and explore new ingredients with kids. The exotic fruit from the cactus family tastes like a blend of kiwi, pear, watermelon and mango with a decidedly tropical twist.

In addition, two popular Chobani Champions Tube flavors, Blueberry and Strawberry, are now available in 3.5oz. cups.

Chobani Greek Yogurt 6oz. Cups– Fans inspired the newest additions to the signature 6oz. Chobani family, each made with authentic strained Greek Yogurt, real fruit and only natural ingredients.

Fruit-on-the-bottom -- Low-fat Apricot and non-fat Blackberry
Blended -- Low-fat Coconut, low-fat Key Lime and low-fat Orange Vanilla
"Ever since we introduced our authentic strained Greek Yogurt, we've stood by our belief that good yogurt should be simple -- just milk and cultures paired with natural ingredients. However, a simply delicious product can also be revolutionary when it comes to unexpected flavors and ingredient combinations," said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder, president and CEO of Chobani. "With these new products, we're continuing our mission to bring nothing but good yogurt to all Americans, making premium, nutritious ingredients like hemp seeds, pistachios and dragon fruit part of the Chobani family. For us, it's all about giving everyone access to real food, regardless of how you like to eat your yogurt."

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