clif shot hydration drinkClif Bar & Company has added a new line of performance drinks: Clif Shot Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix and Clif Shot Protein Recovery Drink Mix, expanding the company’s portfolio to provide athletes with options for hydration during activity and fast-absorbing protein to aid in post-activity recovery.

Clif Shot Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix is made with 90% organic ingredients and is crafted with sodium and other electrolytes, plus a multiple-source carbohydrate solution to aid in fluid transport, absorption and retention. The 4% multiple source carbohydrate solution helps optimize gastric emptying, while maintaining carbohydrates’ positive effects on rehydration.

 Clif Shot Protein Recovery Drink Mix is made with 70% organic ingredients and its formulation is stream-lined to help the body recover immediately after activity and prepare for the next workout. Each serving contains 10g of whey and casein.