Lifestyle Sandwiches in body

November 5/York, Pa. -- Lifestyle Foods has announced a new line of healthy, high-end sandwiches, the latest addition to its range of healthy grab-and-go food items, available beginning in January.
The sandwich line launches with four varieties -- grilled chicken breast, smoked turkey breast, smoke cured ham, and a vegetarian grilled veggies and hummus. The sandwiches feature whole grain ciabatta bread and each filling portion delivers big taste in the 310-440 calorie range, making each offering a guilt-free but filling meal.
With an emphasis on high-quality, healthy ingredients, the new sandwiches stand apart from “budget” offerings by presenting a convenient premium alternative to many other options on the market. Like other products from Lifestyle Foods the new sandwich line utilizes years of experience in innovative packaging alongside the company’s proprietary process which extends shelf-life while preserving food quality and safety, resulting in products that stay fresher longer than many other available choices.
“We are very excited to launch our new sandwich range,” says Lifestyle Foods' founder Jason Bross. “We spent a great deal of time and a lot of hard work thinking about every element of these items -- from designing packaging that separates the fresh produce to selecting the healthiest most nutritious ingredients possible, such as low-sodium meats -- all while ensuring they would be affordable. There’s nothing else like these items being offered on the market!”

With an SRP of $4.49-5.99, the new sandwiches complement Lifestyle Foods' existing product lines including high-end healthy salads, snacks and sides for the discerning consumer.