Califia Iced Coffees in body

December 27/Bakersfield, Calif. -- Califia Farms will launch its new dairy-free and soy-free Cold Brewed Iced Coffee single serve flavors Cocoa Noir, Salted Caramel and XX Espresso at the 2014 Winter Fancy Food Show. Califia Farms will also bring a unique new product to the marketplace with its single serve Chocolate and Vanilla Protein Almondmilks. The new flavors will retail at $2.99 per 10.5oz. bottle and have already seen successful regional introductions in Northern California and Southern Pacific Whole Foods Market stores.

Califia Farms is single and ready to mingle after last year’s successful 48oz. Iced Coffee launch as a line extension of its popular Almondmilks. After Califia’s Iced Coffees won multiple natural products’ awards and national distribution, the company saw a prime opportunity to bring its one-of-a-kind Cold Brewed Iced Coffee with Almondmilk line to retailers’ grab-n-go with this line extension.

“Our consumers have needed a solution to Drink Remarkably on-the-go. We added a Califia twist to the first three Iced Coffee flavors and an innovative extension of our Almondmilks with two new protein fortified varieties,” said Greg Steltenpohl, CEO of Califia Farms. “We’re thrilled with the outcome -- these offerings are really something new on the shelf: on the coffee side, we’ve got cold brewed Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, our creamy, smooth Almondmilk, fresh new flavors in darker chocolate and salted caramel, and a killer package designed for shelf appeal and convenience. Our Protein Almondmilks have 8g of Non-GMO Verified lactose-free whey protein in smooth, delicious chocolate and vanilla.”

The single serve products proudly display the Non-GMO Project Verified seal on their PET, BPA-FREE bottle. Like their multi-serve versions, the new Iced Coffees are dairy-free, soy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, and guilt-free. The Protein Almondmilks have added whey protein and are soy-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free.