Maxwell House introduced a new way for coffee drinkers to personalize and enjoy their favorite beverage on ice with the introduction of Iced Coffee Concentrates. Made from Maxwell House coffee and lightly-sweetened, coffee fans can add a squeeze of Iced Coffee Concentrate to water or milk for a great-tasting iced coffee beverage, anytime, anywhere. 


This product innovation exemplifies the journey Maxwell House began last April to become more relevant to the next generation of coffee drinkers. New, bolder bean blends, updated packaging graphics and even the return of its "Good to the Last Drop" tagline are among the ways the brand is reintroducing itself and evolving its current portfolio to appeal to a broader group of coffee drinkers, many of whom are constantly on-the-go.

"The concept of a 'coffee break' seems almost old fashioned for the 24-7 lifestyle many now lead, so Maxwell House is likewise adapting," said Chris McClement, Senior Director, Maxwell House. "Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrates put a new spin on the traditional iced coffee experience by providing a quick, instantly gratifying beverage at a fraction of the cost of typical coffee house offerings."

In 2011, Kraft pioneered the liquid concentrate category with the launch of MiO liquid water enhancers. Since then, several Kraft brands – including Kool-Aid and Crystal Light – have introduced water enhancer products, and MiO has expanded its line to include added benefits like electrolytes, vitamins and caffeine.

"With explosive growth in this category over the last year, we know Americans are becoming very passionate about their iced coffee," added Becky McAninch, Senior Director, Kraft Beverages Innovation. "But we also know that iced coffee can be difficult to brew at home, and not everyone has time to whip up a batch in the middle of the day. With Iced Coffee Concentrates, Maxwell House offers coffee enthusiasts a simple and satisfying way to recharge while on the move."

Each 1.62-ounce bottle of Maxwell House Iced Coffee Concentrates yields 10 servings and comes in three flavor varieties including House Blend, Caramel and Vanilla. They are available now in grocery and mass merchandise retail locations for a suggested retail price of $3.99.