TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow in body

February 7/Dallas -- TruMoo has added its latest seasonal flavor -- Chocolate Marshmallow.

Though Chocolate Marshmallow milk can be enjoyed cold, the company suggests trying it hot for an “instant hot chocolate” by mixing it with other toppings such as whipped cream.

This new product can be found in the dairy section at Target and other major retailers throughout the month of February.

“TruMoo’s success is built on the fact that moms can feel good about serving their kids delicious flavored milk without compromising on the quality and nutritional benefits of white milk,” Greg Schwarz, vice president of Marketing, Dean Foods, said in a news release. “Because of this, we can have fun introducing new flavors like Chocolate Marshmallow for kids and adults to enjoy.”

TruMoo chocolate milk was launched by Dean Foods in 2011 as a healthier option for chocolate and flavored milk lovers. In October, the company released Halloween-themed products, including orange-tinted vanilla and chocolate milk.