Eggo Bites in body

March 19/Battle Creek, Mich. -- One-third of moms consider their morning routines a "traveling circus," finds a new survey from Eggo.  As a result, there just is not time to enjoy waffles and French toast -- until now. A new, away-from-the-table line of Eggo waffles and French toast, called Eggo Bites, provides a family breakfast favorite on the busiest weekday mornings.

“Moms have a tough job getting their kids ready for the day and on some of the crazier mornings, the opportunity to serve a sit-down breakfast just isn’t there,” said Andrew Loucks, president of Kellogg’s Frozen Food.  “Eggo Bites adapts to moms’ needs and treats families to a quick, tasty, warm waffle breakfast option they can enjoy away from the table anytime, anywhere.”

Eggo Bites are microwaveable, portable pouches of bite-sized, flavored waffles or French toast. They are available nationwide in grocery stores for a suggested retail price of $2.99 and come in maple flavor (waffles), and cinnamon and vanilla flavors (French toast).

Findings from the new Eggo Bites survey reveal:

  • 33% of moms say a portable, tasty breakfast option would help them serve their kids a warm meal on even the craziest of mornings.
  • 37% percent of surveyed moms described the morning routine as a "traveling circus," while 22% compared their mornings to a fire drill in a movie theater or an intense cardio workout (20%).
  • 29% of moms with kids under 12 said they would shut off their cell phone for two hours to enjoy a few extra minutes in the morning.
  • Waffles or French toast rank as the No. 1 preferred warm breakfast option for moms, with 37% serving them to their kids when they have the time.