April 3/Rockville, Md./Press Release -- Packaged Facts has launched its new Culinary Trend Tracking Series (CuTTS) with its first issue,South American Flavors.  The report promises to provide insights, market data, proprietary consumer survey analysis and trend applications for the food retailing and foodservice channels. South American foods covered include:
  • Aji peppers and rocoto see expanded applications in sauces and as ingredients for snacks with a global flair
  • Purple corn and purple potato will stake more claim as authentic and healing foods, including for those seeking non-GMO ingredients
  • In the wake of quinoa, amaranth and pichuberry will play on texture and flavor attributes,  as well as leverage health & wellness, to increase penetration in the specialty and natural market
  • Pisco and caipirinha will draw on perennial interest in international spirits and beverages to foster new mixology and flavoring applications
  • South American stews, including Brazil’s feijoada and pan-Latin chupe de camarones, have gotten their sea legs on menus
  • Peruvian cuisine is not only a hot trend in and of itself but a powerful funnel for bringing resurgent South American cuisine into the American food retail and foodservice marketplaces.
  • Some 57% of American Culinary Federation chefs surveyed for the “What’s Hot in 2014” survey, published by The National Restaurant Association, voted Peruvian cuisine the top trend in the Ethnic Cuisines and Flavors category.
  • Together with the marquee World Cup event in Brazil this summer and a growing interest in Brazilian cuisine, which continues to evolve in the U.S. dining scene, South American flavors are compelling for a cross-section of food retailing, foodservice and restaurant stakeholders.

“CuTTS continues our tradition of providing strategic culinary studies that combine hard data and consumer insights with an informed focus on market opportunities,” says David Sprinkle, publisher of the series. “With Peruvian food widely recognized as a hot cuisine, and with health & wellness and flavor tourism both acting as powerful drivers of consumer food trends, South American flavors are ready to claim a place at the North American table.”

Executives, strategists, chefs, and food research professionals in R&D/product development, market and consumer insights, brand management, and trade and consumer marketing will be inspired by the new series and will utilize it to raise the prospects of their menu and food manufacturing innovation.

“Our customers rely on us for vetted insights that reflect a data-driven approach to market research and our own proprietary consumer trend interpretations,” adds Don Montuori, vice president of Publishing, MarketResearch.com. “Food industry customers will benefit from this new information platform.”