Tampa Maid Foods, vegetable appetizerDon’t think of Tampa Maid Foods as just a seafood company. This Lakeland, Fla., processor has applied its breading and coating expertise to appetizers—and now, a new line of select fruit and vegetables.

Its new Harvest Creations line includes prepared Bella Mush-rooms, Fried Pickle Chips, Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips, Spicy Green Beans, Fried Green Tomatoes, Zucchini Fries, Jalapeno Chips, Banana Peppers, Onion and Red Jalapeno Slices, Hot Red and Green Cherry Peppers, and Red and Green Jalapeno Slivers.

Tampa Maid says it coats Harvest Creation Zucchini Fries (pictured) in Dipt’n Dusted lightly seasoned flour, with a variety of herbs and spices.