energy drinks, ON beverageEnergy drinks proclaiming the involvement of clinical experts or physicians seems to be something of a mini-trend all unto its own, possibly a form of response to the public backlash against energy beverages, in general. Regardless, the MoJoe product (see here) involves a physician-formulated element, and the latest offering from ON Beverages does likewise.

ON Powered Refreshment functional drinks were reportedly developed by a board-certified clinical neuroscientist and feature a blend of ornithine, caffeine from tea leaf extract and B vitamins for energy. Ornithine, the company notes, is an amino acid shown to work in synergy with caffeine to reduce fatigue and increase stamina and concentration, and to do so better than caffeine alone. Flavors in the line include Blueberry Lemonade, Tropical Citrus, Dragonfruit Tangerine, Peach Mango and Raspberry Limeade.