Whether for pizza, casseroles, salad or a snack, cheese gives many dishes a special appeal. But traditional cheese is not always the best choice from the standpoint of economics and production complexity. Hydrosol's new stabilizing systems make it possible to produce analogues of pizza and feta cheese. Their ingredient combinations simplify production and reduce costs.


Recombined pizza cheese: Shorter production process 

This recombined pizza cheese offers excellent melting properties, simple use and significantly faster production. With the new Stabisol and Stabiprot functional systems, manufacturers can make an analog cheese for pizza toppings or gratins that melts evenly and pulls into long strings, just like mozzarella.

What's special about it is that it's much faster to make. The reason is the special recipe, combining the stabilizing systems Stabisol PCFL and Stabiprot LK Speed. Stabisol PCFL is a mixture of a specially modified starch, emulsifying salts and proteins. It is first dispersed in water, then mixed with Stabiprot and briefly sheared. After adding vegetable fat and seasonings, the mass is heated to 85°C at low speed before being filled into moulds and cooled.

After three to four days in cool storage, the resulting analogue pizza cheese can be shaved or sliced. This shorter production process lets manufacturers save time and money. The only thing required for production is a double-walled process cooker and a filling line.


The alternative to feta: A creamy consistency without homogenizing

Simplified production, lower costs and a high quality final product are the advantages offered by the new stabilizing system Stabisol FET for recombined white cheese. What's special about this feta alternative is the way it results in a creamy consistency without homogenization.

Manufacturers need only mix a functional milk protein, vegetable fat and water with the system, and heat the mixture in a double-walled process cooker. Instead of conventional bacteria cultures, this process uses GDL acidifier. Another plus point is that various consistencies can be obtained by modifying the amount of Stabisol FET in the mixture.

The possibilities range from a soft, creamy texture to a firmer product that cuts cleanly and has a creamy mouth feel. Thus, with the same ingredients manufacturers can create different products and make optimum use of market potential.


—Hydrosol GmbH & Co. KG, www.hydrosol.de