Sabra Dipping Company opened the doors to its expanded hummus production facility in Chesterfield County, VA. With the expansion, Sabra is doubling production capacity to meet continued increased demand for the brand’s portfolio of dips and spreads. With the 118,000 square foot expansion, Sabra expects to add an additional 70 jobs to the Chesterfield County location next year. Sabra first announced plans for the expansion last spring, with the opening of its Center of Excellence research and development facility. 


“Sabra first opened its Virginia facility in 2010 and today marks our 3rd expansion since,” said Shali Shalit-Shoval, Company CEO. “The hummus category continues to grow at a double digit rate each year and we are proud to lead the category with more than 65% market share. This expansion now allows the Sabra facility to eventually produce 8,000 tons of quality, delicious, kitchen-fresh hummus each month.”

Sabra’s expanded facility leverages proprietarily engineered solutions designed to support further innovation and enhanced food preparation at all areas of production. From receipt of fresh ingredients to raw vegetable preparation and packaging efficiencies, as a silver LEED certified facility, all elements of the expansion maintain Sabra’s commitment to support the environment.

“We are so proud that the country’s favorite hummus is made in Chesterfield County,” said Dorothy Jaeckle, Bermuda District Supervisor, Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. “Sabra also continues to be a wonderful corporate citizen, prioritizing employee satisfaction, nurturing the environment and giving back to the local agricultural community, having recently donated $25,000 of proceeds from its DC pop-up restaurant Hummus House to FFA in Virginia.”

“Sabra’s business has grown more than 400% since 2007, with the brand driving growth throughout the category,” continued Shalit-Shoval. “This expansion not only furthers our ability to produce higher quantities of hummus but allows us to create an optimal environment for the Sabra family … our employees in Chesterfield County.”

The expanded facilities include additional state-of-the-art office spaces and meeting rooms as well employee-focused amenities including an inviting cafeteria, an outdoor patio with benches and picnic tables, a full company store, and a fresh coffee shop with dedicated on-site Barista.

The facility will begin production today immediately following a ribbon cutting ceremony, taking place on site. New jobs will be added throughout 2015 with more expected in 2016.