Grilled Chicken Club

AdvancePierre Foods (APF), Cincinnati, added a Grilled Chicken Club to the company’s Fast Choice sandwich line.

The new sandwich features flame-broiled chicken, topped with Monterey jack cheese and bacon ranch sauce on a sesame seed bun. Wrapped in a clear film with eye-catching graphics, consumers can easily notice this new Fast Choice offering, notes APF.

“Club-style sandwiches are gaining in popularity in quick-service and casual dining restaurants, which means the time is right to provide a club offering under the proven Fast Choice name to convenience and vending retailers,” says Tony Schroder, APF’s president of convenience channels. “We’re confident that after just one bite, consumers will enthusiastically ‘join the club.’”

APF says club-style sandwiches are not only trending, but chicken sandwiches also are one of the fastest-growing sandwich segments, according to Technomic, a leading fact-based consulting and research firm serving the food industry.

The new sandwiches have a 14-day refrigerated shelf life and a nine-month frozen, shelf life. They carry a suggested retail price of $2-$2.50. APF began distributing the new item in August.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly is the focus of a new school foodservice line of products designed to fuel students with protein-rich items that remind them of home.

Tyson Foods, Springdale, Ark., says its Tyson K-12 division introduced Whistlin’ Sam’s individually-wrapped peanut butter and jelly solutions for schools. Officials say this nutritious line of whole grain sandwiches and pre-portioned dipping cups are ready to thaw and serve for ultimate convenience.

Tyson says the protein-rich sandwiches feature creamy peanut butter and classic grape jelly and they come pre-packaged for students to grab as they go through a lunch line.

“We’re really excited about this product,” says Gary Hamm, Tyson’s marketing and food service director. “It’s a classic—it’s hard to find a kid out there who doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly. Parents can feel comfortable too knowing that it’s made with whole-grain bread, contains zero high fructose corn syrup, and meets all federal nutrition standards. It’s a win for everyone.”

Tyson Foods says its K-12 division focuses on student meals that feature whole-grain rich foods as well as products with reduced sodium and fat. The company’s nutrition team includes registered dietitians who collaborate with food scientists at The Discovery Center, Tyson’s research and development facility.

Mushroom-Blended Patty

JTM Food Group, Harrison, Ohio, used the 2014 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) to feature more than 15 new “Better Steps” products including allergen free, clean-label mushroom blended beef patties.

Officials say the new allergen free, clean-label beef patty utilizes a blend of ground beef and mushrooms, in addition to isolated plum fiber from Sunsweet Ingredients that eliminates the need for caramel coloring, and increases the moisture in the product.

“Using the innovative blend of the plum derived ingredients and the mushrooms have positive nutritional and business benefits,” says Tracy Boggs, RD, JTM’s director of national healthcare sales. “The plum ingredients help the products maintain moisture, and they replace traditional ingredients like caramel coloring and phosphates. They are also competitively priced compared to artificial ingredients and allow for increased shelf life.”

JTM’s Executive Chef Robert Lafond also was on hand to prepare and sample the company’s diverse products. Other new sandwich-related offerings include a Chicken Pot Pie Filling (reduced fat, sodium), Pulled Pork Bar-B-Q (reduced fat, gluten free), Beef Taco Filling (reduced fat, sodium and gluten free) and a Shredded Chicken Taco Filling (low fat, reduced sodium, gluten free).