As the American culinary palate continues to evolve, more consumers are craving bolder, more unique flavor profiles and they are dialing up the spicy, savory and smoky notes in their food. In fact, recent research shows that consumers are becoming much more knowledgeable on chili varieties and are looking for more heat-giving flavor profiles. Food processing professionals can easily meet this growing demand by incorporating TABASCO® brand Processor's Blend into their recipes. 

McIlhenny Company’s TABASCO® brand Processor's Blend is a pungent crushed pepper blend of seed and skin prepared from aged red peppers, fermented with salt, mixed with vinegar and screened to separate the skin and seed material. The resulting semi-moist product has the unique flavor profile of TABASCO® Original Red Sauce.

When particulate identity is important to a finished product, TABASCO® brand Processor's Blend provides a visual as well as sensory impact. A coarse, wet milled, intermediate moisture product, Processor's Blend is a natural ingredient for wet systems and fits well in production applications ranging from baked goods to sauces and even processed meats. The recommended usage levels of 0.5% to 5.0% provide the flavor and pungency that will set products apart from others on the market.

“We are happy to see the increased demand for bold flavors,” says Judson McLester, McIlhenny’s executive chef and ingredient sales manager. “We grew up putting TABASCO® Original Red Sauce on just about everything. It can actually fine-tune the levels of heat while drawing out the smoky, savory and sweet notes. We wanted to bring that same quality to the food processing industry, so we developed the Processor's Blend. It adds another dimension than our TABASCO® Original Red Sauce and has more heat, so it’s perfect to meet the demand of consumers looking for that extra spice.”

Spices are not only popular for what they add to a dish, but also what they help remove from it. The more spices used, potentially the less sodium, sweeteners and fats are needed to add flavor. TABASCO® offers substantially lower sodium than its competitors and allows food industry professionals to personalize the flavor of their products without adding an unhealthy amount of sodium. The unique flavor profile of TABASCO® brand Processor's Blend has a clean, deep, distinctive character and can easily elevate the taste while keeping sodium at a minimum.

Since 1868, TABASCO® has been developing pepper sauces to enhance and bring out the flavor of food. The unique flavor profile of TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce is available in a variety of convenient formats to fit most food processing environments including liquid formulations, intermediate moisture (pastes) and dry formulations.—McIlhenny Company, TABASCO® Ingredients Division,

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