Introducing TABASCO® brand Spray Dry Flavor – a concentrated flavor enhancer that delivers the signature taste of aged TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce in a convenient dry format. Made with tabasco pepper mash, salt and premium distilled vinegar and maltodextrin, TABASCO® brand Spray Dry Flavor brings dynamic new dimensions to a wide variety of applications without adding moisture. 


TABASCO® brand Spray Dry Flavor can be used to elevate flavor in a variety of applications including baked goods, batters and breadings, beverages, marinades, dry rubs, dressings, seasoning blends, sauces, soups and more. Made up of fine flavor particles that allow for greater surface contact and flavor distribution, Spray Dry effortlessly provides the fermented aged notes unique to TABASCO® brand products. Spray Dry is completely soluble for easy applications and better surface adhesion.

As the newest addition to the TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients portfolio, TABASCO® brand Spray Dry Flavor is an innovative and easy-to-use powder that allows you to deliver the authentic taste of TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce without shipping or storing unnecessary moisture.

And like all TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients, Spray Dry is kosher-parve, gluten-free, fat-free and low-sodium. TABASCO® brand Spray Dry Flavor is also halal certified.

McIlhenny Company recommends using 0.15% to 1.0% of Spray Dry in finished products and 2.5% to 15% in seasoning bases. Measuring in at 2,500 to 7,500 SHU, Spray Dry provides the flavor and heat profiles that customers desire. The new Spray Dry Flavor is available in a 50-pound bag-in-box to meet flavor enhancing needs. Contact your local TABASCO® Ingredients Broker for samples and to obtain more information.

As the leader of the fast-growing pepper sauce market, McIlhenny Company supplies food manufacturers with the same authentic TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce flavor that has been enjoyed for over a century by both consumers and foodservice professionals. Now this unique flavor profile is available in a variety of convenient forms to fit most food processing environments. The ultimate goal of the TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients Division is to help food manufacturers and processors improve the flavor and profitability of their next great food idea.

— McIlhenny Company,