Sethness Products has created a caramel colors video to help product developers meet color needs and address today’s consumer trends. Specifically, the new video helps formulators better understand and use a wide variety of caramel colors. Produced in both English and Spanish, the video is available for viewing at 


“As new food scientists enter into the industry, they may not be aware of the spectrum of colors caramel colors can bring to their formulations,” says Tom Schufreider, COO of Sethness Products Company. “As the experts in caramel color, we believe it is our responsibility to educate food and beverage technologists on the variety of color hues we offer; our on-trend products such as organic, non-GMO and low 4-MeI Caramel Colors; and the multitude of applications in which caramel colors are the perfect color choice.”

Sethness is the world’s leading manufacturer of liquid and powdered caramel colors for the food industry.

“We focus solely on caramel color so naturally, we offer the highest quality and widest selection of caramel colors in the market today,” says Schufreider. “From our minimally-processed Class I Caramel Colors, to our acid-stable, cola-friendly Class IV Caramel Colors, Sethness provides more than 80 caramel colors to fit every application need.”

— Sethness Products Company,