To complement its traditional line of brown and yellow-toned Caramel Colors, Sethness now offers a full line of red-toned (RT) Caramel Colors that provide unique reddish-brown colors in a variety of food and beverage applications.

These RT Caramel Colors are available in liquid and powdered forms, and offer higher hue indexes with more red in the Caramel Color. Sethness RT Caramel Colors are available in every class: from Class I to Class IV. RTL4 has been specially-formulated as a low 4-MeI Class IV Caramel Color.

Typical food and beverage applications for red-toned Caramel Colors include:

• Soft drinks
• Teas
• Spirits
• Cake mixes
• Gravies
• Sauces
• Meat rubs
• Soups
• Cereals
• Pet foods

Sethness is the world’s leading manufacturer of liquid and powdered Caramel Colors for the food industry. We focus solely on Caramel Color so naturally, we offer the market’s highest quality and widest selection of Caramel Colors. From our minimally-processed Class I Caramel Colors, to our acid-stable, cola-friendly Class IV Caramel Colors, Sethness provides more than 80 Caramel Colors to fit every application need.
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