5HourEnergy225.jpgLiving Essentials, LLC announced a flavor overhaul to the line of 5-hour ENERGY® shots. The new and improved taste 5-hour ENERGY® shots have begun shipping to retailers, and should be on shelves nationwide within the month.

Over the last year, the company listened to the pulse of the consumer. The flavor relaunch, the most significant change to the taste of the product in 5-hour ENERGY®'s 10-year history, is a direct result of this feedback.

"The message is clear. Our customers want an energy shot that tastes great, and we've given them what they've asked for," said Melissa Skabich, Director of Communications for 5-hour ENERGY®. "The new and improved taste of 5-hour ENERGY® shots is a testament to our ongoing commitment to always improving our product, and we're extremely proud of what we've created."

While the flavor profiles have improved, the quality remains the same. In addition, the newly designed labels are marked "New Improved Taste."

"Fans of 5-hour ENERGY® shots won't be disappointed because we still offer the same 10 great flavors, as well as decaf," said Skabich. "We're optimistic that the better tasting product will result in increased demand through the existing and new user base."

Original 5-hour ENERGY® shots with a new and improved taste and come in six great flavors: Berry, Grape, Citrus Lime, Orange, Pink Lemonade and Pomegranate. The new and improved taste Extra Strength energy shots are available in four delicious flavors: Berry Extra Strength, Grape Extra Strength and Sour Apple Extra Strength, as well as new Strawberry-Watermelon Extra Strength. Decaf 5-hour ENERGY®, a great-tasting product made for people with caffeine sensitivity, also has a new and improved Citrus taste.