For food and beverage companies, it is crucial to benefit from specifications consistency from raw materials to finished products and labeling—through formulation. Being able to track and attach data and documents including certifications to products, considerably eases products, ranges, menu management and regulatory compliance. 

To ensure specificities consistency, organized processes are key. Raw material, ingredients and product information must remain attached to a finished product at any stage of the lifecycle and be accessible by anyone with authority to edit or update the products. Lascom ensures product specifications management and provides a “single version of the truth” for raw materials, ingredients and product specifications across all divisions, locations, business processes, countries and languages.

Lascom’s Formulation Module lets users to create, update, review, edit and optimize formulations—and keep track of changes. It provides full support for cost and nutrition facts calculation, ingredients statement generation, allergens and claims labeling, raw material origins. This module had been updated to fit new 1169 INCO regulation and multi-lingual issues.

— Lascom Solutions,