Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) long has been used for medicinal properties. New research has focused on its ability to promote healthy blood sugar levels. Its high galactomannan (a soluble fiber) content forms a thick gel when consumed, slowing gastric emptying and delaying or reducing glucose absorption; this avoids spikes in blood sugar levels.

FenuLife™, a non-GMO fenugreek seed with high levels of soluble fiber, shows an exemplary ability to promote healthy blood glucose levels.

A recent clinical study, headed by Dr. Thomas Wolever, Glycaemic Index Testing Inc., Toronto, Canada, showed that while either 4g of psyllium husk powder (85%) or 8g oat bran concentrate 15% XF produced results similar to a placebo in ten subjects with normal blood sugar levels, 1 to 8g of FenuLife gave dose-dependent results in maintaining blood glucose levels after a glucose solution was consumed. A 4g dose is recommended as optimal.

A second study by Dr. Hiroyuki Abe at Kyourin University, Japan, investigated FenuLife's benefits for type-II diabetics. Results showed that 4g of FenuLife Extract per day helped balance blood sugar, and that once desired blood sugar levels were reached, a reduced intake of 2g Fenulife/day maintained that level.

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