A patent-protected, high-purity lutein product, Hi-Fil[tm] Lutein Beadlets, is now available from Pharmline. The non-GMO, modified starch-encapsulated beadlets contain the free form of lutein, which is highly bioavailable and in demand for eye-health supplements and functional food applications. This source of the carotenoid lutein offers manufacturers stability with no less than 99% lutein content after two years of storage and enhanced consistency through a small, free-flowing beadlet that is convenient for use in two-piece capsules, tablets or pre-mixes. Pharmline's lutein has been tested and certified by ConsumerLab.com, an independent evaluator of nutritional supplements who found that the beadlets contained at least 100% of the labeled amount of lutein and zeaxanthin. Pharmline Inc., Bob Walker, 845-651-4443, pharmline@warwick.net