An all-natural, highly concentrated source of oat bran, OatVantage[tm], is now available from Nurture Inc. (Devon, Pa.). The ingredient provides a option to help supply the amount of oat bran soluble fiber recommended to lower cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk. “While the research continues to confirm the strong potential of oat-based foods to improve heart health, the challenge for the 100 million Americans with elevated cholesterol is how to apply these data to a 'real life' diet,” says Greg Stephens, Nurture Inc. The FDA currently specifies 3g of oat beta-glucan per day as part of a healthy diet to help lower cholesterol. Two OatVantage servings (one supplement twice a day) provide 1.5g of oat beta glucan. OatVantage contains more than 50% beta-glucan by weight, the highest concentration available on the market. The company's products include oat bran concentrate, oat oil, oat starch and oat protein. Nurture Inc., Greg Stephens, 610-989-0945,