Color Counts
Sethness’ caramel color can provide a wide range of end-colors in foods, ranging from light yellows to reddish-browns to the darkest browns, making functional foods and beverages look better. Its extensive line of products meets the needs of even the most challenging food and beverage systems. With over 50 liquid and 20 powdered caramel colors; three caramelized sugar syrups; low-sulfite and non-GMO caramel colors; and certified-organic caramel colors, Sethness’ expert staff can find the exact color to meet customers’ needs. Sethness,,

 Necessary Textures  

Additional Ingredients

Fortified meal replacement drinks have extreme stabilization and texture requirements. TIC Gums’ innovative products reduce foaming and have a bland odor and taste that help retain the intended flavor of the beverage. The products also lend very good mouthfeel and prevent whey-off. Dairyblend YG SP, with a typical usage level of 1.00-2.00%, is a synergistic blend of hydrocolloids designed to provide stability and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel to drinkable yogurt. Dairyblend YG SP eliminates the need for double homogenization of the mix or preparation of a separate stabilizer solution.  TIC Gums,

 Healthy Color
Natural colors promise a wholesome, healthier way to eat, because they are made exclusively from real fruits, vegetables and edible plants. EXBERRY®, from GNT, delivers the bright and vibrant colors which meet those demands. EXBERRY products are free of chemical solvents; kosher-certified; consumer label-friendly; and they are GMO-, allergen- and preservative-free. Applications are almost endless, but include soft drinks, confections, bars, soy products, dairy products, cereals and more. GNT USA Inc., 877-GNTUSA7,,

 Flavor Runway
Mane’s Runway Collection of beverages captures the essence of design and color, through specific natural flavoring technology. Utilizing Jungle Essence CO2 extract technology, natural flavor keys and patented sensation-based technology, Mane is able to create unique flavor profiles that can add depth to any flavor portfolio. Flavors such as Red Mango, Pink Apple, Golden Pineapple and Lavender Lemonade help give any label a makeover. Mane,,

 Flavors for Masking
Developing flavorful, functional and better-for-you foods and beverages presents formulation challenges. Flavorchem’s highly stable masking flavors allow formulators the freedom to use functional ingredients at usage rates they desire, without the associated off-flavors. “Beneficial ingredients, such as omega-3s, stevia and soy, can produce undesirable tastes or odors. As a result, manufacturers may limit usage levels or avoid functional ingredients altogether, missing out on valuable package label opportunities.” states Phil Sprovieri, vice president of sales and marketing at Flavorchem. “The solution is to use a flavor that’s specifically developed to mask a particular off-flavor.” Flavorchem, 800-435-2867,  NS

* The companies of Iranex Group--CNI (Colloïdes Naturels International) and Bio Serae Laboratoires--are now officially Nexira, with three divisions--Nexira Food, Health and Technology--offering expertise from raw materials sourcing and proprietary processing technologies to formulation support.
* Horn--formerly E.T. Horn--opened its new 120,000-sq-ft facility in La Mirada, Calif.
* Flavor & Fragrance Specialties (FFS) promoted Glenn Mangarelli to chief flavor chemist and Doug Roth to director of strategic accounts, while announcing Robert DeMichele’s induction into the Society of *lavor Chemists.
* Blue Diamond Almonds appointed Jennifer Eastman as R&D food scientist.
* Linda Myhr joined Proliant Dairy Ingredients as a sales manager. 
* Chr. Hansen entered into a five-year partnership agreement with Amino Up Chemical Co. Ltd. to develop unique dietary supplements and to explore the opportunity within functional foods utilizing the strong nutritional ingredient portfolios of each company.
* Naturex acquired Burgundy Botanical Extracts, a French manufacturer and supplier of plant extracts for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
* FMC Corporation entered into a definitive agreement to acquire South Pole Biogroup Ltda., a Chilean-based natural color and specialty nutrition ingredients manufacturer.
* Novus International Inc. launched a new, interactive sustainability website (www.novusint/ to enhance visibility for the company’s sustainability initiatives worldwide.
* D.D. Williamson launched a new brand image to reflect its expanded expertise in color solutions for customers. In the new logo, “DDW,” replaces “D.D. Williamson” for a concise, contemporary image, and “The Color House” tagline is intended to convey a place where creativity blends with advanced technical capability to bring color ideas to life.
* Chr. Hansen has expanded both its Application Lab and R&D staff in Milwaukee to be the “go-to center” for advice and information for switching to natural colors in the prepared foods category.
* Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings announced the addition of Elaine McGlynn to its Research, Quality and Innovation team as senior principal development scientist.
* Summit Hill Flavors, a member of the Activ International Group, has been issued a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its special Grill Flavor process technology.
* Lonza announced a global commercial partnership with Lipogen for the exclusive rights to sell phosphatidylserine (PS) and PS-based formulations in dietary supplements, medical foods, and food and beverages under the Lonza name.
* Aker BioMarine entered into an agreement with Krillsea Group AS regarding the acquisition of the krill fishing vessel Thorshøvdi.