Once again, Prepared Foods, under its NutraSolutions brand, offers the “Ingredients for Health Reference” to provide market data and information on commercially available ingredients that assist in the development of products targeting various health benefits. From ingredients such as chia seed and red tomato for antioxidant supplementation, to the colors, flavors and textures used to make nutraceutical products attractive and palatable, this section offers a comprehensive range of information.


The categories are as follows:

• Antioxidants for Health

• Bone and Joint Health

• Cancer: Reducing Risk

• Cardiovascular Health

• Cognitive Health

• Diabetic Benefits

• Digestive Health

• Energy and/or Sports Performance

• Eye Health

• Immunity Enhancement

Weight Management

• General Health


Weight Management

Global product launch activity tracked by the Innova Database with a weight management positioning has remained relatively stable in recent years, with the same to be said for the low-fat and low-calorie positionings. Sugar is being demonized in the way fat was for so long. Increasing “sugar-free” and “no added sugar” claims will be the dieter’s new best friend, along with the more widespread use of natural sweeteners. The market categories with the most global new product launches with a weight management positioning tracked by the Innova Database for 2011 were cereal and energy bars (10.4%), tea (8.5%), breakfast cereals (7.4%), ready meals (6.8%) and sweet biscuits/cookies (3.9%). The most popular ingredients incorporated for a weight management claim were fiber, protein, L-carnitine, oligofructose, green tea catechins, and erythritol, with chromium, Garcinia cambogia, Yerba maté and pinnothin used on a much smaller scale.

—Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights, helpdesk@innovami.com, www.innovadatabase.com


Controlling Carbs

Unlike any other, Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract is the first—and only—scientifically studied, proprietary white kidney bean extract; and the only weight-control ingredient with two separate structure/function claims, says Pharmachem. Phase 2 may reduce the digestion of starches and aid in weight control, when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program. Studies have also shown it reduces the glycemic index of white bread and may support healthy blood glucose levels. It is a natural, safe and non-stimulant ingredient for use in dietary supplements or functional foods, including prepared foods, baked goods, beverages and snacks. Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., Mitch Skop, 800-526-0607 (1-201-246-1000 outside the U.S.), sales@pharmachemlabs.com, www.pharmachemlabs.com


Calorie Cutter

Blue California has successfully attained GRAS certification for its BlueSweet LHG extract. This new, natural sweetener trademarked as BlueSweet is derived from luo han guo, also known as monk fruit. This sweet, edible fruit has traditionally been consumed in China for hundreds of years for its delicious, sweet flavor, as well as its expectorant and antitussive properties. During the past four years, Blue California has devoted significant resources to the research and development of natural sweeteners and other natural flavors. BlueSweet LHG Extract, standardized to Mogroside V, is a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. BlueSweet LHG is 300 times sweeter than sugar, offers great taste, excellent solubility, stability and almost zero calories. This ingredient can be produced in different concentrations to meet the requirements for flavors, beverages and a variety of food applications. Blue California, www.bluecal-ingredients.com


Prebiotic Dietary Fiber Study

BENEO’s Orafti Synergy1 is an oligofructose-enriched inulin and an acknowledged prebiotic dietary fiber. It has beneficial effects on decreasing energy intake and supporting energy balance, which help to maintain optimal body weight and composition. A recent study led by Rob Welch, Ph.D., (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland) tested the effects of BENEO’s Orafti Synergy1 by assessing the energy intake and appetite sensations of the study participants. The research concluded that Orafti Synergy1 leads to lower energy intake in overweight and obese adults. The study results were presented for the first time at the 18th European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in 2011. In addition, Synergy1 promotes a healthy composition of gut microbiota and has been found to have superior efficiency in increasing calcium absorption and bone health. It is suitable for applications such as baked goods, cereals, dairy or baby food. BENEO Inc., 973-867-2140, info.usa@beneo.com, www.beneo.com


Marine Ingredient Helps Control Hunger

Nutraceuticals International Group has established an exclusive joint venture with Compagnie des Pêche Saint-Malo of France to provide customers with nothing but the highest quality ingredients, with a strong scientific background. Slimpro, an ideal source of protein, is derived from Northern Blue whiting fish fillets. As a pure protein, it works naturally with the human physiology by increasing the CCK and GLP1 production, which sends messages to the brain to control hunger, thus causing less eating and nibbling. An in vitro study demonstrated that appetite-suppressing molecules derived from fish protein hydrolysates (Slimpro) were found to stimulate CCK-realeasing activity in the enteroendocrine STC-1 cell line. A second study confirms that Slimpro has an effect on satiating hormone release and completes them by a regulation of food intake. Nutraceuticals International Group, Nichole De Block, marketing director, 201-399-2333 or 800-651-2587, Nichole@nutraintlgroup.com


Form is Function

With PAC-GEL, from PGP International Inc., form determines function. Thanks to a proprietary process, PAC-GEL products possess a small, even particle size that can absorb 4.5-5.5g of water per 1g of flour. This enables PAC-GEL to mimic fat and generate smoother, creamier product textures than what is traditionally achieved with wheat flours. While PAC-GEL shines as a fat replacer and texture enhancer, it also behaves as a functional starch, providing the body, suspension and process stability typically obtained from some modified starches and hydrocolloids—but without the chemical modification. PAC-GEL is pure rice flour—which is just how the label will read. It also has bland flavor and hypoallergenicity. With PAC-GEL, you can: reduce or replace costly, dairy ingredients; reduce fat in applications; improve product texture and performance; strengthen process and storage stability; and deliver a clean label declaration. PGP International, Ovid Liu, OLiu@pgpint.com, www.pgpint.com


How Sweet it Is

Comax Flavors offers a full range of traditional flavors, as well as taste improvements for healthy foods and weight management products, such as its Sweetness Enhancer and Stevia Masking Flavor.  Comax’s Sweetness Enhancer is essentially free of any color, aroma or aftertaste.  It offers a consumer-friendly way to add sweetness at half the calories of sugar, while at the same time improving mouthfeel and lowering the Brix level. It’s available in liquid and dry forms, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The Stevia Masking Flavor effectively deals with the fact that stevia can be 300 times sweeter than table sugar and have a bitter taste. Comax’s proprietary Stevia Masking Flavor resolves these negatives, while opening up a world of great-tasting nutritional possibilities for product innovation. Comax Flavors, www.comaxflavors.com


Three Forms of CLA

Clarinol is a patent-protected conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that reduces body fat and increases lean body mass. Naturally derived from safflower oil, Clarinol contains the highest concentration of the two active CLA isomers, c9,t11 and t10,c12. Clarinol has been used in dietary supplements for more than 10 years worldwide and is approved by the USFDA as GRAS for use in certain food products; food approvals are pending in global markets. Clarinol is available in three forms. The free fatty acid form offers the basic CLA benefits. Triglyceride CLA delivers the same benefits with better taste properties. The Clarinol powder form is 80% CLA as triglycerides and is best suited when a dry blend is required. Stepan Lipid Nutrition, in the Americas: 800-457-7673, food.health@stepan.com; in Europe: +31 (0) 75-727-1000, info@lipidnutrition.com, www.stepan.com NS