Prepared Foods and its NutraSolutions brand present this annual “Ingredients for Health” reference. It offers market data and information about commercially available ingredients that assist developers and formulators with products that target various health benefits. From ingredients such as chia seed and red tomato for antioxidant supplementation, to the colors, flavors and textures that make nutraceutical products attractive and palatable, this section offers a comprehensive range of new offerings.

The categories are as follows:


Weight Management

Global new product activity featuring a specific weight management positioning has been relatively static in recent years. Innova Market Insights recorded a slight rise in launch numbers in 2012, but this only returned the total to a similar level to that in 2010. Activity in related claims, such as low-calorie and -fat, which are much more frequently used, has been seeing a similar pattern. Low-calorie claims did see a significant upturn in 2012, but it remains to be seen if this can be sustained. Claims relating to sugar content (sugar-free, low-sugar and no-added-sugar) have increased consistently in recent years, however, probably aided by advances in the use of new, particularly natural, sweeteners. Product categories using a specific weight management positioning are being led by cereal products, particularly cereal and energy bars (11.6% of the total), but also breakfast cereals (8.6%), ahead of ready meals, soft drinks and tea. Fiber is increasingly used as an ingredient for weight management, as is protein, while more specialist ingredients include L-carnitine and green tea catechins.

–Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights,,         



Fiber Aids Weight Control

Litesse polydextrose and FIBRIM soy fiber from the DuPont Danisco ingredient range help to enhance satiety and reduce energy intake. Litesse is a low-calorie, low-glycemic, specialty carbohydrate with prebiotic properties. It is widely recognized as a fiber. FIBRIM is the non-digestible polysaccharide fiber obtained from the soybean cotyledon, and provides a unique blend of insoluble & soluble fiber (between 62 to 70% insoluble and 5 to 9% soluble). As such it demonstrates benefits associated with both types of fiber. Formulating food products with ingredients that provide volume but have lower calories or a lower glycemic response, can have an important impact on the consumers overall feeling of satiety. Litesse and FIBRIM can help in reducing energy intake, by aiding the manufacture of products that are less calorically dense and/or have a lower glycemic response.

—DuPont Nutrition & Health, 800-255-6837, ext. 3465

Cathy Dorko,,


Reduce Body Fat

Clarinol CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) has been proven to help to reduce body fat, improve body composition and increase lean body mass, which includes muscle.  Clarinol products are available in liquid, ready-to-use emulsion and powdered forms, offering even more ways to integrate the weight-management benefits of CLA into dietary supplements and food products. Clarinol CLA improves body composition by influencing the enzymes involved in fat metabolism. It also appears to interact with cell receptors, activating responses that lead to a reduction in the amount of fat that the body stores. CLA also increases the activity of an enzyme that stimulates the body’s breakdown of fats. This means that CLA both reduces the storage of fat and, at the same time, causes what fat there is to be burned at a higher rate. The result is an overall reduction in the body’s fat mass and an increase in lean body mass.

—Stepan Lipid Nutrition, 847-501-2144

Laura Rabe,,


Whole Grain Weight Control

The WEIGHTAIN satiety system, Ingredion’s proprietary new whole-grain-based weight management solution, gives processors a clinically proven way to create natural weight management products that help consumers maintain their weight by effortlessly reducing daily caloric intake and managing hunger. WEIGHTAIN system manages weight through satiety effect, suppressing hunger to reduce calorie intake by about 50-100 calories a day. WEIGHTAIN is a naturally based, gluten-free whole grain-hydrocolloid system. WEIGHTAIN is easy to disperse and mix into bars, snacks, soups and baked goods formulas. It is also shown to provide thickness and body to instant smoothies.

—Ingredion, 908-685-5175

Santiago Vega, Senior Manager of Nutrition,


Carb Control

Phase 2 Carb Controller is the first, and only, extract of the white kidney bean backed by extensive clinical research proving its efficacy and safety.  For instance, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 40 overweight human subjects showed that those who took a supplement containing Phase 2 for 12 weeks, experienced statistically significant weight loss and BMI reduction. Another double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 60 human subjects who took Phase 2 lost an average of 6.45lbs in 30 days, compared to those on placebo, who lost less than 1lb, on average. Those participants on Phase 2 also lost, on average, over 10% of body fat mass, and more than 3% in waist circumference. There was no loss of lean body mass. Phase 2 is the only white kidney bean extract with two structure/function claims for starch digestion and weight control. Phase 2 is all natural, GRAS, contains no stimulants, and no adverse side effects have been reported in studies. Phase 2 is manufactured in the U.S. from a non-GMO plant source. It can be incorporated into a wide variety of foods.

—Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., 800-526-0609 ,


Almonds for Healthy Weight

A new study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that participants eating 1.5 ounces of dry-roasted, lightly salted almonds every day experienced reduced hunger and improved dietary vitamin E and monounsaturated (“good”) fat intake without increasing body weight. The appetite benefits were more pronounced when almonds were consumed as a snack versus with a meal. The study suggests almonds are a smart snack choice that can help support a healthy weight. U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend that the majority of a consumer’s fat intake be unsaturated. Each ounce of almonds has 13g of unsaturated fat, only 1g of saturated fat, and packs 6g of hunger-fighting protein and 4g of filling dietary fiber.

—Almond Board of California, (209) 343-3278

Molly Spence,,


Cut Calories

Jungbunzlauer has several HealthyChoices ingredients to reduce sugar or fortify products with more minerals. All natural Erylite Stevia is the ideal sweetener to replace sugar in pudding, gelatin and other desserts—even richer products such as mousse. Because are no calories in Erylite and Erylite Stevia, processors can reduce calories in desserts by more than 30% with full flavor, sweetness and texture—all with a natural label.

—Jungbunzlauer, 617-969-0900, www.


Natural Solution

Blue California has earned a strong position in the natural sweetener market with the development of several natural sweeteners for use in food and beverage applications. Good&Sweet Reb-A 99% is derived from the stevia leaf and has FDA GRAS confirmation (2009), kosher, halal and BRC certificates. This stevia extract meets U.S. and European requirements for naturalness. The manufacturing process involves a physical extraction using water and ethanol and ultra-filtration (a physical process), to achieve the required purity. During the past several years, Blue California has devoted significant resources to the research and development of natural sweeteners as potential alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Good&Sweet is 400 times sweeter than sugar, offers great taste, excellent solubility, stability and zero calories. This ingredient can be produced in different concentrations to meet the required sweetness for flavors, beverages and a variety of food applications.

—Blue California, 949-635-1991,


Non-GMO, Potato-based Soluble Fiber

Penford Food Ingredients’ new PenFibe RO is a potato-based soluble fiber. This non-GMO product contains a minimum of 56% dietary fiber. PenFibe RO can reduce calories in a wide variety of food products by partially replacing higher caloric ingredients such as flour and sugar. PenFibe RO health benefits include caloric reduction, fiber enrichment and partial sugar replacement. This product can be used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from beverages and nutrition bars, to baked goods and snacks.  “We are excited to introduce PenFibe RO because of its vast applications and dual benefit of fiber enrichment and calorie reduction. The demand for healthy snacks and beverages continues to grow. And with a focus on childhood obesity in America, healthier options for children are especially important,” says John Randall, president of Penford Food Ingredients. PenFibe RO is non-allergenic, non-GMO, kosher and halal.

—Penford Food Ingredients, 800-652-4732


Natural Weight Management

Xanthigen is a unique, caffeine-free natural partner to weight management efforts.  A combination of brown seaweed extract (containing fucoxanthin) with punicic acid (PA) from pomegranate seed oil (PSO), Xanthigen attacks energy metabolism from many different approaches.  This synergistic blend has been shown to work at the level of fat cells to promote fat breakdown (lipolysis) and prevent fat deposition (lipogenesis) as well as influence genes involved in metabolism and energy balance. In a clinical study, Xanthigen supplementation showed significant weight loss compared to placebo.  Continued weight and fat reductions were noted for the Xanthigen group during the 16-week study, showing this natural supplement can provide important support to diet and exercise programs.—

PLT Health Solutions, 973-984-0900,


Enhance Sweetness

Comax Flavors’ Sweetness Enhancer provides distinctive advantages for weight management food and beverage formulators. Reduced sugar food and beverages and those sweetened with high intensity sweeteners have fewer calories but often do not taste good. Comax’s Sweetness Enhancer Flavors increase sweetness with minimal calories and are label friendly. Added benefits include improved mouth-feel and better aftertaste in reduced calorie beverages making them closer in taste to the full sugar counterparts. Sweetness Enhancer Flavors are available in both liquid and dry forms, making them perfect partners for a wide range of applications.

—Comax Flavors, (800) 992-0629,


Green Coffee Bean Extract

Naturex, the global leader in natural specialty ingredients, is the creator of Svetol, the most studied and proven green coffee bean extract for weight loss. By regulating sugar and fat use as a source of energy, this revolutionary ingredient is the only plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee that simultaneously spurs weight loss and improves your body’s form. Svetol is derived from 100% premium Robusta beans that have undergone a proprietary processing technology which extracts a high concentration of key chlorogenic acids. These compounds reduce intestinal glucose absorption and are thought to be the most effective ingredients for weight loss. A recent clinical study, which followed 50 people, ages 19-75, over 60 days, found that those who took 400mg of Svetol per day lost an average of nearly 6% of body weight and increased their lean mass.”

—Naturex, 201-440-5000,


Quinoa Powder

QuinoaTrim is a highly soluble, formulation-friendly quinoa powder that is 100% non-GMO, contains absolutely no dyes or preservatives, and is naturally gluten-free. QuinoaTrim is quickly gaining recognition as the premiere mouth-feel and taste-enhancement differentiator for the RTD/RTM beverage market, and has countless uses in dietary supplements, beverages, and foods. FutureCeuticals uses an exclusively licensed Trim technology, a USDA-patented process that improves functional benefits of whole grains while creating a product with the smooth texture and mouth-feel of dairy or coconut cream. This releases the full benefit of quinoa without the use of any chemicals or enzymes.

—FutureCeuticals Inc., 888-452-6853

 Hartley Pond, VP-technical sales,


Zero-Calorie Sweetener

SPLENDA Sucralose is a leading non-sugar zero-calorie sweetener, trusted in the development of more than 5,000 products and in more than 80 countries. It's the perfect choice for sweetening products because it has approximately 600 times the sweetening power of sugar and maintains its sweetness over a long shelf life. SPLENDA Sucralose is also exceptionally stable during a wide variety of manufacturing processes and has received approval from regulatory authorities around the world. As the inventors of SPLENDA Sucralose, Tate & Lyle has been providing its customers experience, innovation, confidence and security through more than 30 years of formulation experience, thousands of recipes and a team of expert formulators.

—Tate & Lyle,  800-526-5728