Multiple physiological and health benefits are associated with the consumption of resistant dietary fiber, most notably prebiotic effects. Prebiotics increase beneficial bacteria in the GI tract, while helping to decrease harmful bacteria. They also decrease intestinal pH, creating a more acidic environment, including production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). This, in turn, changes bacterial enzyme concentrations. Roquette Nutritional Sciences Inc.’s Nutriose brand of resistant dextrin, a non-viscous soluble fiber obtained from wheat or maize, displays clinically proven health benefits in the management of weight, obesity and metabolic syndrome parameters, and has outstanding digestive tolerance. Recent studies showed the consumption of Nutriose improved the beneficial:harmful ratio of gut bacteria in healthy people; increased the -glucosidase activity; and was associated with higher SCFA concentration with accompanying beneficial acidification. These data enhance the accordance of Nutriose’s physiological properties with the commonly admitted definition of a prebiotic activity, and can be considered as an ingredient combining ease-of-use with proven health benefits.
—Roquette Nutritional Sciences Inc.,