Smart Balance announced that it is transitioning its flagship line of buttery spreads to higher quality dairy free recipes with a renewed focus on product performance.

"The new Smart Balance Dairy Free Butter is another step in the journey to continually improve our product. This transition follows the launch of Non-GMO Smart Balance last year," said Duane Primozich, executive vice president of Balance Brands. "We heard from our consumers that buttery spreads aren't living up to the performance of butter, so we decided to make this change in response to consumer demand. This new dairy free formula really does perform like butter." 

"During this process we tested the improved recipe with consumers and professional chefs who told us the product tastes and performs like butter," said Primozich. "At Boulder Brands, we strive to offer consumers products they can trust. Smart Balance Dairy Free Butter means one less allergen to worry about when shopping for your family, without sacrificing performance."

The improved Smart Balance recipe features higher non-GMO vegetable oil content and less water, now tastes even better, and cooks and bakes just like butter in all of your favorite recipes. Grocery shoppers will find the distinctive Smart Balance square tubs in grocery stores nationwide with new packaging with a "NOW Use It Like Butter" banner. Consumers will still get the delicious buttery taste and key nutritional benefits of traditional Smart Balance with no increase in manufacturer price.

Launched in 1997, Smart Balance was the first leading spread to eliminate partially hydrogenated oils, a major source of trans fat. In 2014, Smart Balance transitioned its entire line of spreads to use only non-GMO ingredients – the first leading spread to make that change. Smart Balance uses a unique blend of oils in its spreads that are clinically proven to support healthy cholesterol ratios as part of the Smart Balance Food Plan. Smart Balance is owned by Colorado-based Boulder Brands.