GardeinLogo225.jpggardein™ launched two new products – mini crispy crabless cakes and sweet & sour porkless bites. Made with non-GMO, soy and wheat and veggies, these new products are cholesterol-free, vegan and kosher. They are a convenient way to enjoy the foods you love in a more sustainable way while increasing veggie intake. Available to US retailers in early May.

Two new products add to gardein's wide variety of plant proteins:

  • mini crispy crabless cakes: On the heels of a Better Homes & Gardens' Best New Product of 2015 Award for the fishless filet, gardein introduces its next plant-based seafood offering. The mini crispy crabless cakes are moist and flaky inside and are perfect as an appetizer or a main course. A serving of three cakes includes 9g of protein and 32mg of Omega3 fatty acids (a combination of ALA, DHA and EPA).
  • sweet & sour porkless bites: Perfect for an easy meat-free entree or shared appetizers, these new Asian-inspired bites come with a classic sweet and sour sauce. Packed with 11g of protein per serving they provide a good source of iron. A perfect stir-fry is ready in minutes by simply adding pineapples, green onions and rice.

"Recently, the USDA's Advisory Committee submitted their proposed changes for the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines," said Yves Potvin, founder of gardein. "They recognize that a diet higher in plant-based foods is more health promoting as well as associated with less environmental impact than the current US diet. I've dedicated my career to making healthier, plant-based versions of everyone's favorite foods and I'm very happy to see the USDA taking this step to aid the health of the entire US population as well as sustaining food sources for the future. Gardein's new mini crabless cakes and sweet and sour porkless bites are a delicious and convenient way to have protein from plants at the center of your dinner plate."