Alexia Premium Seasoned Vegetables and Rib Cut BBQ Sweet Potato Fries are the most recent offerings from Alexia Foods. Made with the finest all-natural ingredients and seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, Alexia's latest offerings focus on ingredients. 


"When planning a meal, the side dish often gets overlooked," said Rob Johnson, senior brand manager, Alexia Foods. "The distinctive flavors and all-natural ingredients of Alexia's new side dishes round out meals with a taste so good your families will ask for more."

Premium Seasoned Vegetables

Unlike other bagged vegetables hidden underneath heavy sauces, Alexia's premium seasoned vegetables offer all the tastes from a farmer's harvest in four unique varieties. The new steam-in-bag package locks in the goodness of crisp vegetables while delivering a no-fuss side in less than five minutes. The vegetable offerings include:

• French Herb Green Beans: Kissed with a dash of black pepper and spritzed with olive oil, these traditional whole French green beans will delight any palate.

• Parmesan Peas: Northwest-grown sweet peas take on a savory profile with the addition of artisan parmesan cheese and parsley, resulting in a combination unlike any other.

• Southern Sweet Potato Blend: Sweet potatoes, sweet corn, sweet peas, red bell peppers and onions picked at the peak of freshness bring the flavors of the farm straight to the table. A final pinch of cayenne pepper and seasoned herbs add a bit of Southern cooking fit for any meal.

• Italian Herb Corn with Sundried Tomatoes: Grown in the Columbia River Valley, this combination of white and yellow super sweet corn is blended with tangy sundried tomatoes and topped with an array of savory Italian herbs and garlic for mouth-watering flavor.

Rib Cut BBQ Sweet Potato Fries

Also new to the Alexia menu this fall are Rib Cut BBQ Sweet Potato Fries, a unique twist on the classic sweet potato fry.

"Adding even more variety to our collection of Alexia sweet potato fries, our new Rib Cut BBQ Sweet Potato Fries plays off the popularity of barbeque as one of America's favorite potato chip flavors," added Johnson. "This unique skin-on cut variety is made with farm-fresh sweet potatoes and infuses the flavor of Southern barbeque with a spicy kick. They're sweet potato fries at their finest."

By blending a hint of spicy red pepper and the tangy goodness of delicious barbeque, Alexia BBQ Sweet Potato fries are a sweet, yet savory side dish that will make your mouth water almost as much as your favorite slow-cooked entrée. Try Alexia's newest sweet potato fries as the foundation to a Southern-style hash complete with chorizo, onions and cilantro.

Now available in frozen food aisles nationwide, these new Alexia vegetable and sweet potato products are non-GMO verified. Alexia Premium Seasoned Vegetables are sold in 11 and 12-ounce packages for a suggested retail price of $2.49. Alexia Rib Cut BBQ Sweet Potato Fries are sold in 20-ounce packages for a suggested retail price of $3.89.